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WMS Casino

To tell the history of WMS Gaming, we must first take a look at WMS Industries. In 1943, Harry Williams of Chicago founded Williams Manufacturing. The company was set up to produce pinball and fortune-telling tables which were popular in cafés and restaurants during that era. Indeed, the first game produced by the company was a pinball machine called “Flat-Top”. Mr. Williams was using scrap metals to produce his cabinets: It was World War II, and raw material prices were extremely high. Mr. Williams was a graduate of the Stanford University, and he designed the first tilt mechanism on pinball tables, which is still used today. By that time, the flippers in pinball tables were facing down by default. Williams changed that too and developed the first upward positioned flippers. Nowadays, pinball games still use mechanisms and designs developed by Williams for instance Alice and the mad tea party slot.

WMS Slots

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From Pinball Machines to Slot Cabinets

Despite the success it has achieved, pinball tables lost their popularity during the 90’s. The habits of the players changed: They started to prefer arcade games instead of pinball tables. WMS has developed a prototype pinball table with digital displays, but the manufacturing costs were very high. They had to make a decision: Closing the company’s pinball section or switching to another sector.

WMS decided to go for a sectoral change. In 1996, the number of companies that produced slot cabinets was very low. The variety of games were very low too, and most of them were unattractive fruit slots. WMS did not have any difficulty while entering this industry. Because there were so many intellectual properties they had and all of them could be used in slot machines. The first game they developed was a video slot machine named “Reel’em In”. Reel’em In was the first slot with multi-line and multi-coin features, and had very advanced graphics for that period. This release was followed by slot games like Filthy Rich, Boom, and Jackpot Party, some of which you can still play today.

By 2001, WMS slot machines were recognized everywhere in the world. There were two reasons for this. First of all, almost all TV and Hollywood brands were licensed by WMS. So they could use many famous brands like Top Gun, The Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, Monopoly, Powerball, The Price is Right, and Men In Black in their slot machines. These branded slot machines were much more attractive and -especially preferred by casinos. The second reason was the development of new hardware. By the early 2000s, slot games used specially manufactured hardware. These were expensive and poorly performing products. So, for example, you couldn’t use an Intel brand processor. It was impossible to use standard PC hardware for slot machines. WMS developed the CPU-NXT platform and changed this. This platform was no different than a tiny desktop computer, and it worked with processors and RAMs that could be bought from any store. The development cost of slot games have been reduced, and it has become possible to use much more sophisticated features.

In this context, WMS has developed the following technologies:

  • Trans Reels Platform: WM has developed the technology that enables reels to have dynamic graphics. For example, when Wild symbol appeared, animations could be shown on reels. This technology is still in use today.
  • Hardware Platform: The CPU-NXT platform allows standard computer hardware to be used in slot machines. Thanks to this technology, a modern slot cabinet works with the following hardware: Pentium IV processor, 2 GB RAM, ATI video card, 40 GB HDD.
  • Bluebird Cabinets: WMS was the first company to use 22-inch screens and advanced sound systems in their slot cabinets.

In October 2020T, WMS was acquired by Scientific Gaming. The sale price was $ 1.5 billion. At the moment, the company is still operating under the Scientific Gaming brand and is being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It also produces content for major sports betting companies like Unibet and Betsson.

Top 10 WMS Slots

First of all, you can play free WMS slots on our website. But, which games should you choose? The WMS collection is extremely rich and contains more than 500 games.

Creating a top 10 list is not an easy task for this reason, but we can list the most popular slot machines as follows:

  1. Wicked Riches. Based on Frank L. Baum’s same-named story, this game uses the theme of fairylands. The color palette is predominantly purple. There are 30 pay lines, and the betting limit is between 0.01 and 2.40 coins. Wicked Riches offers an RTP rate of 96.01%, and includes a bonus round called Tornado. You can also win 8 free spins and 100 times of your bet.
  2. Giant’s Gold.Giant’s Gold is a 100 pay line slot and can only be played with 0.01 coin. The highest bet is 2.00 coins. Reels use a 5×12 layout, so there are 12 slots on each reel. This, in turn, increases your chances of winning. Giant’s Gold gives you the chance to win 100 free spins and features wild symbols that can fill an entire reel.
  3. Willy Wonka. Based on the famous movie (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), Willy Wonka features 5 reels and 40 pay lines. You can see all the characters from the movie. There is a separate version for mobile platforms too. The grand prize is 5,000 coins, and you can play the game only for 0.01 coin. It also includes more than one bonus round.
  4. The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is probably WMS’s most popular game. Thus, the Lord of the Rings slot uses the same rules and bonus features of this game. The Wizard of Oz features 30 lines and 9 different bonus rounds. With these rounds, you can win unlimited free spins or get 1,500 times total bet. There is also a jackpot prize of 50,000 coins. The betting limits range from 0.01 to 3.00 coins.
  5. Top Gun. One of the first slot machines produced by WMS, Top Gun is a game that is still worth playing today. With 243 payout lines, it offers a very high winning chance. Moreover, the betting limits are extremely low and range from 0.01 to 10.00 coins. There are 3 different bonus rounds and a fixed jackpot prize of 1,500 coins. The number of free spins you can win is 99. In addition, you can watch some scenes from the movie in the game.
  6. The Price is Right: Vegas. There are multiple slot games under the name of “The Price is Right”. We recommend you play the “Vegas” version. Adopted from the same named TV contest, this game contains 20 pay lines. Its greatest feature is that it contains 6 reels instead of 5. If you activate the sixth reel, your betting limits will increase, but your chances of winning will increase too, and you get a chance of winning 10 times your bet. The RTP rate of the game is 96.64%. It has a fixed jackpot prize of 2,500,000 coins and offers you a chance to win 2,500 times total bet.
  7. The Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome. The Spartacus has only 10 pay lines and belongs to the “classic slots” category. However, like the Giant’s Gold, it is played on a 5×12 layout. Therefore, it offers a high winning chance with very low stakes. The Spartacus slot has an RTP rate of 95.98%, and it offers you the chance to win 20 times your bet. It has a simple rule system and appeals to players who are looking for a plain but awarding slot machine.
  8. Viking Vanguard. The game uses the Viking culture as a theme and has 60 pay lines. Just like the Price is Right, you have a sixth reel but you have to increase your bet amounts to be able to activate it. The sixth real increases both your chances of winning and awards multipliers. You can earn 100 times your bet and play the game only for 0.01 coins. There is also a fixed jackpot prize of 1,500 coins.
  9. Dragons Inferno. With 30 pay lines, Dragons Inferno is a medieval and fantasy-themed video slot game. It has three different bonus rounds and a fixed jackpot prize of $ 500. Although the figure is low, you can win this prize more than once. The prizes you win during the free spins round are multiplied by 2. You can play Dragons Inferno with 0.01 coins.
  10. KISS. This game is dedicated to KISS: One of the world’s most famous rock bands. It includes 5 reels and 20 pay lines. It is possible to see all members of the group in the game. Scatter symbols provide both free spins and multipliers. You can earn 20 times your bet. The RTP rate is 95.01%, and there is a jackpot prize of 1,250 coins.

Benefits of Playing WMS Games

  • The Beauty of Old Times. A very large part of the WMS slot machines has an “old-school” feeling that many players miss. Despite being coded using modern techniques, they still contain something about the “good old days”. Especially if you like Vegas-style slots, you can find dozens of options in the WMS collection.
  • Simplicity. Innovative systems, rules, and ultra-modern bonuses are not for everyone. If these are confusing – and simplest, straightforward rules are more than enough for you, the WMS collection is your best choice. WMS games are built on a simple, practical, and proven infrastructure. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Reliability. The systems and infrastructures used by WMS have been tested dozens of times over the years. You have no chance of encountering surprise problems. Whichever platform you are using, you get the same experience. Each game session is completed without problems, and your gaming experience is always satisfactory.
  • Branded Slots. If you like to play slots based on TV and Hollywood brands, WMS offers the best options. From the most popular contest shows to the most famous movies, you can find almost every brand you are looking for in the WMS collection.
  • More than One. What we mean is, “more than one company under one roof”. WMS is owned by Scientific Gaming, which also owns Bally. In other words, the oldest and most prestigious brands in the industry are gathered under the Scientific Gaming roof. This, of course, affects the quality of the games produced too.

It is possible to play the entire WMS collection using our website. You can play for free or real money, the choice is up to you. It is possible to switch between two versions at any time. If you prefer to play at online casinos with real money, we can help you with finding the most reliable and prestigious places on the internet. You can play as many free games as you like for practice or casual gaming. It is also possible to use mobile devices: Our website is coded to support all mobile operating systems. When you decide to play with real money, don’t forget to visit our online casino reviews section. You can easily find the best casino for you by reading our reviews.

WMS gaming

Historical Overview

The history of wms dates back to 1943 when Harry Williams founded the organization. At the time it was known as Williams Manufacturing Company. Harry was an engineer who graduated from Stanford University. At a young age, he was already designing some very detailed mechanical game s which you could say laid the foundation for modern pinball machine s. Worth noting is that William was responsible for changing the nature of the pinball during wartime in the US. Wms spirit of innovation spilled into the home video industry in the 1980’s and the casino gaming market at the beginning of the 1990s. One of the first devices that Harry ever made was a fortune-telling machine . After a couple of initial developments, wms opted to specialize in the development of pinball machine s. It was what made this organization famous. Later on, the company was bought by other parties leading to further development in the manufacture of arcade game s that needed coins to operate. Wms evolved to creating reel-style slot machine s. This was the time when online casino s were gaining momentum. Naturally, wms decided to be part of the revolution. Wms is a prestigious firm that has been in the front line supplying ground-breaking casino gaming devices as well as enabling technologies. In the recent past, wms has come up as a trend-setter establishing new standards for gaming entertainment. Since wms has been around for quite some time, it has set the pace that many other software makers have adopted. For instance, when a majority of software creators were specializing in the creation of a single reel with some standard icon, wms was already producing machines that featured multiple winning lines and reels. An extensive selection of top game s, high levels of originality, and quality are some of the things that contribute to the prominent position that wms holds today. In 2020, Scientific Game s bought wms together with all its subsidiaries. The merger worked out perfectly for both organizations because it has not stopped taking out the gaming industry with incredible innovations.

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Products, Services, Technologies from WMS

Wms has introduced 4 kinds of revolutionary tech platforms i.e.

  1. Sensory Immersion Gaming – It is an extremely powerful platform that allows individuals to travel through time so that they can get a greater sensory experience that will be enhanced by 3D graphics in real-time.
  2. Community Gaming – Wms gaming software introduced a fresh concept that had never been seen in any other slot. It is where gamers choose four characters who will help them compete in a fishing expedition to increase chances of winning the grand prize. This is available in HD, and successful fishers have their results printed in casino s nationwide.
  3. Adaptive Gaming – It is a foundational tech avenue that offers gaming participants with the powers to unlock new features while playing their game. It also makes it possible for you to pause the action and come back to where you left later.
  4. Transmissive Reels Gaming – This can be described as a platform that features video animations that appear over and on the mechanical reels. It is very interactive and introduced an incredible concept to the game s.

BlueBird2 is among wms finest inventions. It is a cabinet that comes with an illuminated printer, Bill acceptor, Bose speakers and dual 22 inches widescreen (HD display). Wms has a number of iGaming products. To begin with, they offer online casino s superior content through a remote game server. This has made it possible for the business software to be available in many casino s all over the globe. Any player regardless of skill level can access these game s on tablets, PCs, and phones. The organization is responsible for the development of Play 4 Fun Network. This offers land-based casino s with high-tech social casino venues. It also built the Jackpot Party. This is a game series that exists in multiple websites. You can play this for free on:

The main aim of wms is to release products that gamblers will fast incorporate into their lifestyles instead of just playing for leisure. The developer attracts the attention of loyal land-based casino goers with interactive, and fantastical wms slot machines . The Play 4 Fun Network has managed to convince some gaming fanatics to remain loyal to their brick and mortar c asino s where they play game s that can easily get in the comfort of their homes. Wms has also touched on new social online gambling markets with the introduction of Jackpot Party. This has diversified their reach reaching out to newcomers and old-timers as well. Focusing on this niche made way for the building of community game s such as Wheel of Fortune and Battleship. This advanced into gameplay where contestants would have to rely on other competitors to go to the next levels. Further social aspects that the firm worked on included feeds for the winners and leaderboards. In the future, the company plans to integrate more and more social features to their products.

Casino Games

The acclaimed wms has an extraordinary game portfolio that consists of some of the most popular and profitable titles in the market. The company has a unique aspect in that it also includes authoritative proprietary game s like Jackpot Party and Reel ‘em In. Wms also carries licensed titles like STAR TREK, MONOPOLY, Top Gun, and THE WIZARD of OZ. Wms casino games are available in free versions allowing fanatics to have a blast without worrying about losing real money .

Mobile Slots

Wms has a range of slots that you can play using your phone or tablet. These come with first-class gameplay, sound, and graphics. The organization still has a lot on its plate, as it has not yet fully converted its slot s into HTML5 slot s. Some titles to explore in this section include:

  • Zeus Series
  • Monopoly Big Event
  • Montezuma

A majority of slot s from wms have small minimum bets which means that you never have to worry about cleaning your wallet while playing.

Some Strategies for Winning WMS Slot

Before talking about this tips, you should know that there are no systems that can beat these slot s. Therefore, if someone tries to sell you something out there to help with winning wms slot s, they are just after your cash, but their system will not work in any way. This said, there is some advice you can follow to help you emerge a winner such as:

  • Only bet at levels you are comfortable with – In other words, you should make sure that you can afford the wager you want to place. Before starting any gaming action set limits and make sure you stick to them. For instance, you can say that you will only bet $50 on a certain day make sure you stick to the figures.
  • Go through the paytables before playing – Slot s come with well-laid out paytables where you can garner a lot of knowledge about the game you are about to play. You get to understand the most essential rules as well as betting limits and the symbols that you should be cashing after.
  • Acknowledge when you lose – Do not be tempted to increase bets after losing as a coping mechanism. Do not start increasing your bets thinking that the next round will help you recover the cash you have lost. You might end up losing your mind and money as well.
  • Focus on entertainment – Playing for pure fun has a way of increasing your winning opportunities. This is because you will be in a position where you can make rational decisions without the stress or pressure of thinking that you must win at a certain round. To do this, start with the demo versions of the game s that do not ask for investments right away. It will allow you to relax a little bit so that when you are finally placing the bets, you will be able to make the right calls with a clear mind.
  • Make use of all types of bonuses that the casino offers – Promotional offers that the casino provides can do you good when playing. For instance, if you are at a gaming den that will match your deposits, you will be having double the amount to play around with. Other deals to take advantage of include free spins that can help you land on the winning combinations very fast. Make use of all the bonuses when they are available and your life can end up changing. Be sure to subscribe to newsletters of the casino you play so that you can always be the first to get good news in your inbox.


Wms is a distinguished company that produces products for both online and offline casino s. Wms has introduced leading-edge technology changing the face of gaming for a long time. The brand that started from scratch has grown to be a huge deal that gaming enthusiasts identify with and love. Wms headquarters are in Chicago, and the firm also runs international offices in places like the UK, China, and Argentina.

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